Sunday, 29 June 2014

Either/Or Book Tag

Yes yes, I know I only did a tag yesterday, but I just saw this one and it seemed fun so I thought i'd do it now.
Basically, this tag just a series of either/or questions about books, it's pretty self explanatory. I've seen two different versions of this, with different questions, so I thought I'd combine the two of them.

1. Booklet or Tome? I'm not sure exactly what this means, but from what I can gather, it means a short or long book. I don't really have a preference, because although shorter books are more appealing to start, some longer books I've read have been my favourites (eg City of Heavenly Fire).

2. Pre-owned or New? Well I mean pre-owned are generally cheaper, but it's always a nice feeling to get a brand new book, so I choose new.

3. Historical Fiction or Fantasy? Fantasy. The majority of the books that I read are fantasy, and I just love them. I have read a few historical fiction -such as the infernal devices, the great Gatsby, the boy in the striped pyjamas, the book thief etc - and while I did enjoy those, fantasy are my favourite. (The infernal devices is a bit of both so it's just perfect really).

4. Hard cover or Paperback? I have far more paperback, so I'd probably choose that now so that my books are the same size and look the same, but if I had to option of changing all my books to hard back I definitely would.

5. Funny or Sad? I've never really read books that are particularly comedy. Some have some funny aspects or characters (eg The Mortal Instruments with Simon and Jace etc) , but I've read far more books that are intended to be sad, so I choose that.

6. Do you prefer reading in summer or winter? Both. I read continually, so it doesn't really make a difference to me. In winter it's cold so it's nice to have something to do inside, and in summer it's nice to read on holiday either on the beach or by the pool.

7. Classics or Mainstream?  I haven't read many classics, and I've read a lot of mainstream books, so I choose that. However, I do like to read some classics occasionally, and I plan on reading some more classics in the near future.

8. Guidebook or Fiction? Fiction. No doubt.

9. Crime Novel or Thriller? Well I've have read many/any of either, so I don't really have a clue.

10. E-book or Print Edition?  Most certainly print edition. I haven't convinced myself to get a Kindle get, because I love going to book shops and buying actual real books.

11. Collecting or Clearing Out?  Collecting. My mum keeps telling me that I don't need to keep all my books after I've read them, and tries to make me get rid of them, but she just doesn't understand.

12. Internet or Book Store? Book Store. I love standing in the shop and just seeing all the books that I love or want to read all there in front of me, it's great!

13. Backlist or New Publication? Backlist. I do love getting a new book when it comes out, but that doesn't happen that often, because most the books or series I'm getting round to are a few years old. Also that means they're cheaper, so I'm not complaining.

14. Best or Bad Seller? Don't really understand this. I'm going to go with best seller, because if a book is a bad seller and has bad reviews, I'm very unlikely to want to pick it up.

15. Cookbooks or Baking books? Can't say I ever read either, but if I had to choose I'd go with Baking books.

16. Fantasy World or Real Life Issues? Fanatsy. I do love some real life stand alones such as Fangirl and The Fault in Our Stars etc, but fantasy worlds are definitely my favourite. My favourite series are all fantasy, and I much more enjoy that world. (eg The Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy)

17. Harry Potter or Twilight?  I've only actually read half of the Harry Potter book, (yes I am very ashamed of that and I plan to read them this summer), but I have to say I definitely prefer the world created by JK Rowling. I did enjoy Twilight, and I'm definitely not a hater, but I choose Harry Potter.

18. Tell Me One Time or Total Trilogy?  I presume this means stand-alone or series, and I choose series. It's very daunting starting a series, and it's much more appealing to start a stand alone, but so far I've found that my favourite stories have been in series.

19. Starry-eyed Romance or Full of Action? A bit of both. It's nice to read books that have a bit of everything, but sometimes I don't mind reading just romance or just action. It depends on my mood.

20. Read The Review or Decide for Yourself? Again, both. I like to read a review first if i'm unsure, to decide whether to buy the book, then I like to read it and decide for myself what I think (then write my own review).

Well there's the tag, I enjoyed doing that a lot, so I hope you enjoyed reading it. I'll try not to do too many tags all at once.

Peace out book nerds xo

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