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'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn Review

Gone Girl Review

My mum read this book ages ago when it first came out, and she loved it. When she finished she told me what happened, and I thought it sounded really good, so I wanted to read it. However because I have soooo many books to read, it took me until now to get round to it. (Which I guess is good because my mum told me the ending, but I forgot it by the time I got to it). I am very glad that I took it with me this holiday, and despite being different from the type of books I normally read, I absolutely loved it.

Non-spoilery summary
So the basis of the story is that there is a married couple named Nick and Amy. They met in New York and lived there for a few years, but both lost there jobs and moved back to Nick's hometown in Missouri to look after Nick's mother. One day, while Nick is out at The Bar (that he owns with his sister, Go) he gets a call from his neighbour saying the door is wide open. When he gets there, he finds that his wife has gone. The police and media, and the people in the neighbourhood then go on to blame Nick, claiming that he's killed his wife. The book addresses the relationship between Nick and Amy, and continually sets up clues to the truth throughout the story.
I was very hard early on to decide which characters I liked, as when the point of view that the story was written in changed, so did my opinion of the characters. However, with this particular story, I don't think it was the type of story where you had to grow an attachment to the characters. The characters were so well written, that you had a sense of them entirely. Gillian Flynn didn't jut write one side of the character, in an attempt to make you feel a certain way about them, she conveyed every side of the characters.
The book is split into two parts. In the second part, you begin to understand what happened to Amy, and it is not at all disappointing. The truth is thrilling, wonderfully exciting. It draws to a perfect end, that couldn't be better if it tried. I'd definitely recommend this book to everyone.

Spoilery Analysis

So hello beautiful people that know the real Amy. Is she not the most psychopathic person you ever did hear of? The fact she tried to frame him for murder was bad enough, but she killed her ex-boyfriend Desi (who was very in love with her) just to help with her albi? CRAY-ZE. Also, the way that she drained the toilet and stole Noelle's pee just to fake her pregnancy, and how she set her old friend up and got her expelled, and set her other ex-boyfriend up for rape. I just couldn't believe it all, she seemed so likeable in her 'diary', butI knew that something had to be up with that diary, because it was so much the opposite to what Nick was saying, but I never would have guessed that one girl  couldn't be so psycho and crazy. As I was saying early to the poor people that haven't read it yet and still believe Amy is the sweet innocent girl from her diary, although I hate Amy strongly, it doesn't take away from my love for the book. I also hate the fact that Nick had an affair with Andie, but I no longer feel sorry for Amy about that anymore. The plot and characters were so strong and so well written, that I felt like it I was a character in the book, and that I was a part of it all.

I loved this book very much, and would recommend it to anyone probably 15 or over. (maybe younger if you're mature for your age, but there is so adult/ quite graphic content). I give it 4.5/5 stars, and cant wait to read another book by Gillian Flynn.

Peace out book nerd xo

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