Monday, 3 November 2014

'If I Stay' by Gayle Forman Review

It's been a while since I've done a review, and for that I apologise. Now, however, I've decided to try and get back into the swing of things, and write some more reviews and post more. To start this off I've decided to write a review of the book 'If I Stay' by Gayle Forman. I read it a little while ago, but I've finally got round to writing this, and hopefully I'll be able to get into a routine of reviewing a book as soon as I finish from now on.

 I heard about this book ages ago vaguely, but mostly when I found out it was being made into a film. I bought it before the film was released, but never got round to reading it then. Unfortunately, now I've missed it in cinemas so I'll have to wait for the DVD, but now I've finally read it, I wish I'd picked it up ages ago.

Non-spoilery summary

'If I stay' is from the point of view of a 17 year old cellist called Mia. She has an extrememly happy life, with an audition for Juilliard, a boyfriend -Adam- who she's very much in love with, and contented family life. One snowy day of school/work for the family, and a visit to their grandparents house is all it takes for that to all be potentially destroyed. This drive is what leads Mia and her family to be in a horrific car crash, leaving her in critical condition and subsequently in a coma, and her parents dead. I decided that I could include that much as its all either in the blurb or the trailer for the film, so I don't think its a spoiler knowing that going in, however I won't continue any further for fear of spilling too much. I guess now- if you haven't already- its about time to pick up this wonderful book and get reading.

Spoilery Analysis

I've read and watched various other reviews of 'If I stay' since finishing the book, and I found that quite a number of people didn't cry whilst reading it. You people are the people in this world I will never understand. You go along with those who fail to shed a tear at John Green's tragic story, 'The Fault In Our Stars'. I found myself crying at numerous times throughout the book, be in a happy memory of Mia with her parents, the death of her baby brother teddy, or the heart-breaking visits of either her boyfriend Adam or her granddad. For me, the story was beautifully written in a way that made me feel every emotion that Mia was feeling as if I were there living this experience through her, and in my opinion that's one of the key aspects of a good book.
I'd enjoyed the strong theme of music throughout the book, as it was the one thing that- despite their other differences- connected all the characters. I've never experienced such a bond with an instruments, which is one thing I do regret. Reading through Mia's eyes the joy of putting so much of your soul into an instrument such as the cello fascinates me to no end.

The story ends in the way every book with a sequel should, it leaves you longing for more. I'm yet to read the other book in this duology, 'Where She Went', but I did buy it very recently and cant wait to get around to reading it. I give this book 4.5 to 5/ 5 stars and recommend it with all of my heart.

-peace out book nerds xo

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